Finding a car rental company to lease/rent your car in Singapore?


Where Can I Rent Out My Van?

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities that requires a lot of money to maintain. This does not only happen in Singapore but also in any other part of the world. What if you are not using the same car? This means that you will be paying for something that you are not getting the service from. There is a way that you can be utilizing the same car by renting it out to rental companies. By doing this you will be getting some cash form this van and at the same time as rental car, it will be servicing its own bills.


Singapore car rental business is a very vibrant market that attracts hundreds of rental companies and this is due to the huge demand of rental cars. Note that Singapore is great tourist destination that receives thousands of tourists every year and this has huge impact on the rental car business. Thus if you want to rent out your van there is a huge demand for it in the market. The companies that are involved this rental business have the necessary experience and they will make sure that you have gotten the best deal out of your vehicle.

There are many areas that your car can find quick use in rental car industry Singapore. This has been diversifies by the large number of rental car companies that have different services. Apart from the international tourists coming to Singapore, the domestic demand keep on surging every year. With huge growth in middle class population, the demand of rental cars keeps on swelling each year. This growth in demand will automatically require large fleet of vehicles to satisfy it. This will definitely give a wide room for the interested people to lease out their cars. All you have to do is make sure that you have satisfied the conditions that are required to for car to join a certain fleet in the market.

The condition of your car will be the determining factor of how much your car will fetch in the market. The most new/modern and advanced car is likely to make more money than the old car. You have to make sure the car is well maintained and up to the standard of the market demand. The customers in the car rental market are very choosy and this will make sure they go for your van so as to earn more. The more your car is rented by the customers, the more your will earn from it. This simply means that the car must be very attractive and mostly be the currently models in the market.


Make sure that you have gotten all the information pertaining to your car correctly. The rental company will be interested in knowing the monthly instalment of your car. Also you have to clearly indicate the year and the make of vehicle since this will determine the suitability of the car in the current demand. The color and the mode of gear system either manual or auto will also count a lot. All these factors must be accurate and coupled with reference documents to prove their authenticity.

Rental car business in Singapore has numerous advantages to car owners. It has enabled people who have more vehicle than they need to get some extra cash by renting them out or lease out if its convenient. Also for those who are not that busy with their cars, they can make some many by joining rental fleets. If you are thinking of leaving the country for a good period of time, then renting out your van would be the most economical thing to do. Once the rental company is possession your car, it will be their property and they will be responsible for anything that happens to it.

Like any other business, car rental is regulated by the Singapore government to make sure that rogue dealers do not swindle the innocent public. Make sure that you are dealing with a registered a firm for your own security. It is advisable to have a written agreement between you and the rental company to make sure that your interests are well covered. The agreement can be used as a proof or as a reference in case if there is a legal dispute between you and the dealer. Rental car business is a very lucrative venture in Singapore fetching millions of dollar in revenue every year. So if you are not using your car, then rent it out and you will never regret you decision.
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